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Vaccinations stand as a stalwart defense, offering a shield against potentially life-threatening diseases that can affect rabbits. Rabbit hemorrhagic disease (RHD) and myxomatosis, two prevalent and deadly infections, are effectively preventable through vaccinations. Our veterinary team underscores the critical importance of establishing a vaccination schedule tailored to your rabbit's specific needs and risk factors.

RHD is a highly contagious viral disease that can rapidly spread through the rabbit population. Vaccination provides crucial immunity against this lethal virus, offering a layer of protection that is especially vital in areas where the disease is prevalent. Myxomatosis, another viral infection transmitted by fleas and mosquitoes, is also preventable through vaccination.

The frequency and timing of vaccinations are determined by various factors, including your rabbit's age, health status, and local disease prevalence. Our veterinarians collaborate closely with rabbit caregivers to determine the most appropriate vaccination plan, ensuring that your rabbit receives optimal protection against these serious diseases. By staying proactive with vaccinations, you actively contribute to the overall health and longevity of your rabbit.

Vaccinations become a fortress, where your rabbit's immune system is fortified against potential invaders. By adhering to a vaccination schedule, you engage in a proactive defense strategy, ensuring your rabbit lives a life free from the shadows of preventable diseases. Your commitment to vaccination reflects a dedication to your rabbit's enduring health and a collective effort to build a resilient and thriving rabbit community.

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